Publication of the BJUI Journal

BJUI Editor-in-Chief: Professor Prokar Dasgupta

Publication of primary research remains the main activity of the Charity. The BJU International Journal was originally founded in 1929 as The British Journal of Urology.  The Journal is wholly owned by BJU International charity and is now a leading international Urology journal affiliated to many urological societies around the world

British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) – Official Journal
Caribbean Urological Association (CURA) – Official Journal
Hong Kong Urological Association (HKUA) – Official Journal
Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ) – Official Journal
Urological Society of India (USI) – Affiliated Journal
Irish Society of Urology (ISU) – Official Journal
Swiss Continence Foundation – Official Journal


Publication of online CPD platform – BJUI Knowledge 

BJUI Knowledge Editor-in-Chief: Mr Robert Mills

BJU International is developing an online continuing professional development (CPD) platform, BJUI Knowledge,  to assist urologists in remaining up–to-date with advances in research and clinical practice and to record all their CPD activities


BJU International Guest Lectures

Sponsorship of speakers to enable opportunities to share and discuss research findings and clinical experience is another focus of the charity’s activities. In 2014 BJU International sponsored guest lecturers to attend and speak at the annual conferences of the following urological associations:

American Urological Association
British Association of Urological Surgeons
Caribbean Urological Association
Hong Kong Urological Association
Indonesian Urological Association
Malaysian Urological Association
Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand