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Editorial: Analysis of Genetics to Identify Susceptibility to Secondary Malignancies in Patients with BCa

A study by Muller et al. [1] evaluated a cohort of 10 047 patients diagnosed with a first invasive (≥T1) bladder cancer and found that independent of gender and age, the risk of subsequent lung cancer was increased. This is not surprising considering the strong association of both bladder and lung cancer with tobacco, which is the […]

Editorial: Does HAL assistance improve outcomes in patients who receive postoperative intravesical therapy?

There is growing evidence that hexaminolevulinate (HAL) fluorescence cystoscopy increases detection of bladder cancer at the time of transurethral resection of bladder tumours (TURBT) and that this results in lower recurrence rates [1, 2]. One limitation in many prior studies was the lack of standardisation about the use of immediate postoperative chemotherapy, which has been shown […]

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