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AUA 2017


BAUS – BJUI – USANZ Joint Session 2017

Sunday, May 14                               2:00 PM                Westin Grand Ballroom CDE

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Personalised Medicine

CHAIR: Prokar Dasgupta, BJUI Editor-in-Chief, King’s Health Partners, London, UK


Bernard Bochner, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Personalised Medicine for Bladder cancer

1420-1440 Ian Vela, BJUI Sponsored USANZ Lecture, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Personalised Medicine for Prostate Cancer

1440-1450 Wade Bushman, University of Wisconsin, USA

Personalised Medicine for BPH

1500-1520 John Davis, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Immunotherapy for Urological Cancers

1520-1550 Afternoon tea

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Urological Training for the Future

CHAIR: Peter Heathcote, President USANZ, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

1550-1610 Kieran O’Flynn, BJUI Sponsored BAUS Lecture, President BAUS, Salford Royal Foundation Trust, UK

Training and Inspiring the Next Generation of Urologists

1610-1630 Khurshid Guru, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY, USA

The Role of Cognitive Training in Surgery

1630-1645 BJUI Peer Review prize for best reviewer from The Americas presented by Prokar Dasgupta

Christchurch Medal Presented by Peter Heathcote

BJUI Coffey-Krane Award for trainees based in The Americas presented by Prokar Dasgupta

1700-1900 BJUI Reception



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