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December 2019 – About the cover

The lead authors of this month’s selected article (Three‐dimensional virtual imaging of renal tumours: a new tool to improve the accuracy of nephrometry scores) are from the University of Turin, Italy (UNITO). This university was founded in 1404 making it one of the oldest universities in the World. It has been through some turbulent times but more recently can claim three nobel prize winners: Salvador LuriaRenato Dulbecco and Rita Levi-Montalcini.

The cover image shows the city of Turin at sunset. Turin sits mainly on the Po River and it is surrounded by the Western Alps. As the 10th most visited city in Italy it is known for The shroud of Turin, and its football teams (Juventus and Torino). It is also a cultural centre with many theatres, restaurants, art galleries, palaces, parks and churches.



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