In this issue of BJUI, Borque et al. discuss a subject that is now very close to my heart. Aged 48 years, I am 6 weeks post radical prostatectomy for a Gleason 3 + 4 prostate adeno[...]
One of the most exciting challenges in magazine design is updating the look of a medical journal. In the past, academic publications did not discernibly change their look, even wit[...]
Or Let’s Paws for a Second! Or Lets paws for a second before we all start howling about nothing!   Recently while driving to a Day Surgery list at Heatherwood hospital in Ascot, I [...]
For as long as I have been operating independently, music has been an essential part of my operating theatre environment. If there is no music playing in the background, it is to m[...]
Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) has become the technique of choice for clinically localised prostate cancer. However, marked inter-surgeon heterogeneity and an obvious [...]
Stone disease and osteopaenia are both common conditions, and reduced bone mineral density (BMD) is an increasingly recognized complication in stone formers; indeed, in a previous [...]
Although I enjoyed reading Jim Duthie’s Blog Post ‘Surgery Isn’t Normal’, I would argue that no profession, particularly those constituting a high degree of specialization, are nor[...]
There was a time when doctors were reluctant to tell patients the truth about a diagnosis of cancer, and even more unwilling to discuss any illness from which they themselves suffe[...]