The development of haematuria following bladder decompression is a well described phenomenon, but is usually transient, mild, and of little clinical consequence. We describe a case[...]
A case of an ectopic scrotum located in the right inguinal area is described. The left hemiscrotum was in the normal location and each hemiscrotum contained a testis. The patient a[...]
We present a case of a woman with an ectopic pelvic kidney and symptomatic hydronephrosis who failed conservative treatment and required ureteric stent placement. Authors: Toepfer,[...]
We report a case of primary small cell carcinoma of the ureter with hydronephrosis. Authors: Zhao Zhenhua (1), Wang Boyin (1), Yang Jianfeng (1), Wang Ning (2), Pan Shouhua (3) 1. [...]
Port-site metastasis following laparoscopic radical nephrectomy is being increasingly recognized as a complication following laparoscopic surgery, especially when correct surgical [...]
A case of renal cell carcinoma on a background of acquired cystic disease due to chronic lithium toxicity is described. The possible pathogenetic mechanisms that may have lead to t[...]
We present the case of a 41 year old male who was referred to the outpatient department with microscopic hematuria Authors: Bourdoumis, Andreas; Kapoor, Sona; Bhanot, Shiv Correspo[...]
Primary synovial sarcoma (PSS) of the kidney is a rare occurrence, with preoperative diagnosis difficult to distinguish from other renal neoplasms. Presented here is the case of a [...]
AVM of the glans penis is a very rare entity. It may be congenital or there may be a history of trauma. It may present asymptomatically. Meticulous surgery provides complete excisi[...]
A 40-year-old male with history of gonococcal urethritis 20 years ago presented with repeated episodes of dysuria and urinary stream thinning for nearly 10 years. The clinical diag[...]
A 36-year old gentleman presented with severe sudden onset unilateral loin pain, suggestive of renal colic. Renal tract ultrasonography was unremarkable, but computerised tomograph[...]
Priapism is defined as full or partial erection persisting beyond four hours after sexual stimulation and orgasm. Malignant priapism caused by invasion of malignant cells into the [...]