Percutaneous ablation therapies have become an increasingly important treatment option for smaller volume renal tumours. Microwave ablation (MWA) appears to have significant advant[...]
Introduction: The incidence of bilateral testicular germ-cell tumour (BGCT) ranges between 1 and 5% [1]. Synchronous bilateral germ cell tumour (BGCT) of the testis is rare and its[...]
Calcite is considered to rarely ever be a true component of urolithiasis being present only in 0.01% to 0.25% of all stones [1, 3, 4]. When found within analyzed stone material cal[...]
Air embolism is a rare unpredictable complication after CT guided tranthoracic needle biopsy of lung masses but potentially fatal if not managed correctly and urgently. We present [...]
Cells with eosinophilic granular or oncocytic cytoplasm are a hallmark of benign renal oncocytoma, but they can be seen in other renal tumors. We report an unusual case of a large [...]
A 14 days old infant who presented to a regional hospital with inability to pass urine and severe bilateral hydronephrosis. He underwent a suprapubic cystostomy which was complicat[...]
Cavernosal abscesses are rarely reported with the majority of reported cases having an identifiable underlying causative factor. We present the case of a 50-year-old male with poor[...]
We report two cases with persistent urinary ascites in the bulbs of pelvic drains post surgical repair for urological complications, which subsided after adjusting the position and[...]
We report a case of a 71-year-old man who developed a renocolic fistula 10 months after radiofrequency ablation. At the time of fistula formation there was no evidence of tumor rec[...]
We report a pacient with a scrotum ulcer developed after intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy with mitomycin-C. There is only one article in the literature describing two simi[...]
Selected patients with pudendal neuralgia and low back pain responded favourably to education, postural advice, and mobilisation and exercises directed to the lumbopelvic region. A[...]
Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is the most common welldifferentiated cancer of the thyroid. While regional metastatic disease to lymph nodes is most common, there have been rare ca[...]