Calculi within urethral diverticula are a rare manifestation of urinary stone disease. We report a case of a 63-year-old male presenting with lower urinary tract symptoms, who was [...]
We present the case of a middle age male with ESRD with post transplant graft rejection, who presented with fever and left flank pain. Histopathology revealed a papillary cell carc[...]
This report presents a case of a paratesticular lesion caused by Dirofilaria repens, a relatively rare human infection, treated by organ sparing surgery. Authors: Freifeld Y MD1*, [...]
We report our experience with four cases of vesical and paravesical pheochromocytomas treated in our hospital over the past 15 years. Authors: Nitin Kapoor1,M.S Seshadri 1,Nihal Th[...]
This report is the first in the literature to describe successful treatment of detrusor overactivity in any glycogen storage disorder.  Authors: O’Kelly F., Thomas A.Z., Gardner S.[...]
A case of a 25 year-old man with an epidermoid cyst of the penis is reported. Authors: TFEIL YAHYA MD (FWACS) Urologist Surgeon Department of urology Faculty of Medicine- Nouakchot[...]
Here, we present a rare case in which a urothelial carcinoma was located at the lower moiety of a complete duplex right kidney.  Authors: PEI-YU LIN1, VICTOR CHIA-HSIANG LIN1,2, RE[...]
Here we report two cases of late presentation adult testicular torsion in which the patients had undergone a failed initial salvage trial, in which final decision for surgery were [...]
This case is the first reported case of acquired haemophilia that is solely attributed to an underlying bladder tumour. Authors: Fitzpatrick J, Aboumarzouk O, Ahmad S, Byrne D, Nab[...]
This is the first reported case of prolonged survival of metastatic disease in penile cancer in a patient treated using this chemotherapy regime. Authors: Nowicki, Stefan; Hendry, [...]
To our knowledge, this is the first documented case of myelosuppression following adjuvant mitomycin C for upper tract urothelial carcinoma in the absence of evidence of chemothera[...]
We report a case in which a 64-year-old man presented with a painful left hemiscrotum and focal mass in the left testis that mimicked a testicular tumor. Authors: R.A.L. Jacobs1, E[...]