This is a previously unreported presentation of Hodgkin’s lymphoma within the context of what is itself a rare complication of neglected pessary use.  Authors: Megan Murdocha;Paul [...]
We present the diagnosis and management of a man with clinically localised prostate cancer and a complete duplication of the right collecting system associated with an asymptomatic[...]
The authors report a case of a 50-year-old who complained of hardened mass in the anterior penis. Authors: Gustavo Tomaz Franco *, Volnir D. Franco *, Camilo Idalino Vitergo, Ludmi[...]
We present an unreported complication of a second-degree burn sustained by a 62-year-old male who underwent shockwave lithotripsy for two renal calculi.    Authors: Sriram Ran[...]
We present a young female patient who presented with recurrent urinary tract infections, which investigation revealed to be due to megaureter initially thought to be a hydrosalpinx[...]
We report a case of massive inguinoscrotal bladder hernia confirmed with three-dimensional CT imaging.  Authors: RIFAIOGLU Murat Mehmet1; BAYAROGULLARI Hanefi2; AKKUCUK Seckin3; AY[...]
We present a rare case in an infant who was found to have a congenital renal anomaly on routine second trimester antenatal ultrasound.  Authors: Gupta, Pankaj; Goel, Sandeep; Sharm[...]
We present a 65 year old man who presented with a three year history of right testicular swelling and weight loss.  Authors: Deivasikamani Ramanujam Venkatachala1, Elaine MacDuff 2[...]
Primary prostatic intravascular large B cell lymphoma is extremely rare; to date only six cases have been described. Authors: 1.Wen-Chih Huang, M.D. Visiting Staff, Department of A[...]
We describe the management of a patient who suffered from massive chylous lymphorrhoea after retroperitoneal surgery for a cystic lymphangioma. Authors: Bekkali, Sami; Bialek, Davi[...]
We report 3 patients with MUC of the upper urinary tract who were evaluated and treated at our center between 2009 and 2011. Authors: Xiao-hua Zhang1,Zhou-jun Shen1,Xiu-ling Wu2,Zh[...]
We report two cases of mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis, one primary and one secondary, both with a history of possible exposure to asbestos and discuss their pathogenesis, dia[...]