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Favourite Article of 2014 Poll Results

Of the top 5 BJUI papers of 2014, which is your favourite?   Guideline of guidelines: prostate cancer screening – 38.24% The transcriptional programme of the androgen receptor (AR) in prostate cancer – 11.76% Phase III, randomised, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled study of the β3‐adrenoceptor agonist mirabegron, 50 mg once daily, in Japanese patients with overactive bladder – […]


Live Surgery Poll Results

Live surgery as an approach for surgical learning, has recently been given approval by the EAU albeit with strict guidelines to optimise the benefits. However this potential teaching tool is in its infancy and the mechanism(s) to optimise learning have not yet been clearly defined.   Which statements do you most agree with: 1. Live surgery […]


BCG Shortages Poll Results

With a worldwide shortage of BCG, has your hospital had to ration supplies of BCG (e.g. not available, using 1/3 dose, limiting maintenance, reducing frequency etc)? Yes – No availability – 37% Yes – Reduced supplies – 45% No – Available as usual – 11% Don’t know – 7%


Movember Poll Results

                  Are you (or your partner) growing a moustache for Movember? Yes – 30% No – 52% No but did in a previous year – 18%


Ureteric Colic Poll Results

A recent paper in NEJM suggests initial ultrasound may be better for acute ureteric colic than CT by reducing radiation dose with no effect on outcome. With this evidence do you think initial ultrasound should be offered to most non-septic patients with ureteric colic? YES – 63.64% NO – 36.36%  


Guideline of Guidelines Poll Results

The recently published ‘guideline of guidelines’ attempts to bring together conflicting guidance from different authorities. But overall how often do you refer to AUA, EAU or other national urological guidelines in clinical practice? At least weekly – 23% At least once a month – 27% Every 2-3 months – 15% Less than 3 monthly – […]

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