This patient presents with abdominal distension.[...]
Abstract Non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) represents the vast majority of bladder cancer diagnoses, but this definition represents a spectrum of disease with a variable c[...]
These images are from filling phase of video urodynamics.[...]
Image taken from Ahyai et al., BJUI 2016.[...]
A 68 year old male presented with a PSA of 3.8. This image is taken from Marks et al, BJUI 2016.[...]
This patient is having a procedure for hypospadias. (from Cambareri et al, BJUI 2016 – photo courtesy of Jeffrey A. Stock, MD)[...]
  (From Elhage et al, BJUI 2016)[...]
In this month’s issue of the BJUI, we highlight the evolving era of immunotherapy in solid tumour therapy. As urological surgeons, we spend a large portion of our time workin[...]