A famous version of a saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin states “…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” As a urologic oncologist, [...]
Dr Marnique Basto (@DrMarniqueB) is a USANZ trainee from Victoria who has recently completed a Masters of Surgery in the health economics of robotic surgery and has an interest in [...]
Dr Indy Gill, as everyone knows, has always been a pioneer of minimally invasive surgery, and has continued to push the boundaries of this over the past 20 years. Some of this prog[...]
Digital consumerism is progressing relentlessly and whilst the advantages of new technology are evident in our personal lives, there is a palpable air of concern amongst the medica[...]
BAUS / SLAUS 2013 Conference Report: 4th – 7th November, Colombo, Sri Lanka Day 1 Greetings from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Home of the Inaugural Meeting of BAUS / SLAUS. The gather[...]
I am in the beautiful city of New Orleans for this year’s World Congress of Endourology (#WCE2013). The city indeed has a charm and vibe that is different to any other in the U.S. [...]
World Congress of Endourology 2013 — The Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons meeting report.   The Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons (SURS) is a sub-society of the Endourol[...]
A wonderful ISU meeting in a stunning setting with exquisite weather in my home county, Wicklow.  Great talks and posters from our Residents, but it was the audience discussion the[...]
When it comes to live surgery meetings, one of the biggest and best of them all is the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) Congress (formerly the European Robotic Urology Symposium)[...]
Melbourne played host to the Prostate Cancer World Congress last week. With over 1,000 delegates and a stellar International faculty comprising of 21 global leaders, it was no surp[...]