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Podcast from BJUI Knowledge: prostate cancer screening


Author Monique Roobol talks to associate editor Greg Shaw about screening for prostate cancer.

BJUI Knowledge: The CPD portal for urologists

Comprehensive, trustworthy and easy to use e-learning platform for trainees, residents, consultants and all specialising in urology.

  • Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.
  • Approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

BJUI Knowledge is evidence-based, fully referenced and peer reviewed to ensure academic, scientific and editorial validity.


BJUI Knowledge – CPD on the move


IMG_0531-Rob-Mills-2016-a2BJUI Knowledge is a new initiative for urologists, combining online CPD content together with a platform for recording CPD activity in one place. BJUI Knowledge, has been released this month to all BAUS members for a free trial period up until the end of June. It will be made available to all urologists later in 2016.

Once registered you will see we have already published around 60 CPD modules across 12 curriculum areas covering the breadth of urological practise. More modules will be added each month. We believe there will be something to enable all urologists to keep up to date. Some topics will be useful as a refresher and others may provide the opportunity for updating on contemporary issues. In times of appraisal and revalidation this venture provides both the opportunity to carry out CPD activity as well record and retrieve it as an annual report.


0592-video-image-v2The interactive e-learning modules have the accreditation of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The modules have been commissioned as manuscripts from authors with a genuine interest in the topic and then subjected to independent peer review. Each manuscript is converted into an online e-module with a standardised format including: learning objectives, knowledge checks, a final assessment and key learning points. Within the module, link is provided to the original manuscript as well as links to the abstracts for each reference in the manuscript.

0590-hotspot-imageWe will be adding to the modules available by 10-15 per month until we have created our full curriculum. Existing content will also be updated regularly to ensure it remains current. Access to the site may be by smart phone, tablet or desk top, and internet explorer 10 or equivalent is recommended for best functionality.


The e-learning content is optimised to be viewed on any kind of device, including a smartphone.

The CPD registration element allows:

1. Automatic registration of successfully completed BJUI Knowledge modules, although reflection (recommended for all CPD activity) may be added later.

2. Recording of other CPD activity under a variety of headings. (If we receive feedback that alternative headings are required we can add to the list available).

3. There is an app (accessed from the CPD page) which allows registration of CPD activity to your BJUI Knowledge account from your mobile phone while on the move. For example you may be visiting a department or at a meeting and take a photo which can be sent to your CPD account with details of the activity carried out.

4. At designated intervals, perhaps annually for appraisal, a complete record of CPD activity can easily be generated.

I would encourage you to use this exciting new resource and feed back to us with your comments to [email protected]


Rob Mills is the Editor of BJUI Knowledge



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