Over 20 years ago, I went to work at Queen Square, the Mecca of Neurology, as Medical Research Council fellow to Prof. Clare Fowler, an international expert in the neurogenic bladd[...]
A well powered study can attain statistical significance at a small effect size, but in real-life clinical practice, we do not routinely judge the success or failure of treatment b[...]
Peyronie’s disease (PD) is an acquired benign connective tissue disorder of the tunica albuginea of the penis that leads to the formation of fibrous inelastic plaques. As a r[...]
A significant proportion of aging men will have bothersome LUTS and will eventually seek help for this problem. Various medical therapies are available to help aleviate these sympt[...]
Seventeen years have elapsed since the capsaicin receptor was first cloned by Caterina et al. [1] and the excellent review with an unusual provocative title by Deruyver et al. [2] [...]
In this month’s issue of BJUI, Tolchard et al. [1] describe their experience with the use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) in patients undergoing radical cystectomy[...]
If real-time tracking is accurate enough to tell you that Roger Federer’s serve was on the line or that David Beckham’s free kick was indeed over the goal line, then su[...]
The rise of multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) for the assessment of patients with suspicion of prostate cancer has led to an enormous shift in the practice of every urologist dealing wi[...]
In the context of diversifying practice models, implementation of new technologies such as the Da Vinci surgical robot and rising healthcare costs, there is growing interest in eva[...]
In this issue of the BJUI, Charrua et al. [1] report on the possible interaction of two members of the vanilloid subfamily of transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in the con[...]