Transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT) is a frequent operation performed by urologists worldwide. Although on occasion the procedure can be quite challenging, the majori[...]
The optimisation of radical external-beam radiotherapy treatment is ultimately a compromise. The aim is to deliver a clinically effective radiation dose to the tumour target, whils[...]
The amazing Da Vinci system, is about to face some market competition from other international companies with their own versions of next generation robots [1]. In order to challeng[...]
The pathophysiology of LUTS is one of the most intriguing issues in urology and the conundrum remains unsolved. Their multifactorial origin imposes a differential diagnosis that is[...]
The presence of constitutively active androgen receptors in castration therapy‐resistant prostate cancer is frequently associated with therapy resistance. This is not surprising be[...]
Andrea Tubaro, in his editorial for European Association of Urology 2006 [1], discussed the paradigm shift in the surgical management of BPH from open surgery to TURP, and postulat[...]
Antibiotic resistance is internationally recognized as a threat to global health. As a consequence, there is an ongoing need to review antibiotic prescribing practice, both for tre[...]
The current standard of performing TRUS‐guided systematic biopsy in men with a PSA of 4–10 ng/mL results in a considerable number of unnecessary prostate biopsies and overtreatment[...]
Traditional retropubic tension‐free vaginal tape (TVT) has been in widespread use for over 20 years. It has been estimated that 10 million women worldwide have received mid‐urethra[...]