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Highlights from the Irish Society of Urology Annual Meeting 2018


Dr Kent T. Perry Jr. delivers a lecture on minimally invasive kidney surgery

The Irish Society of Urology annual meeting has a strong tradition of attracting world class guest speakers, and this year was no different. We were joined by Dr Kent T. Perry Jr. (Co-Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Program & Associated Professor at Northwestern University Chicago), Professor Hendrik Van Poppel (Adj. Secretary General of EAU for Education), Mr Jeremy Ockrim (Honorary Lecturer and Consultant Urologist at University College London), Mr Kieran O’Flynn (Immediate BAUS past president and Consultant Urologist at Salford Royal Foundation), and Dr Matthias Hofer (Assistant Professor at Dept. Urology, Northwestern University Chicago). The excellent programme of guest speakers started on Friday afternoon with Dr Matthias Hofer’s talk on urethral reconstruction-a ‘no frills’ overview of a complex topic which surely inspired several trainees in the room to consider a career in Reconstructive Urology.

The historic Strokestown House, Co. Roscommon

The Saturday formal dinner was held in the historic Strokestown House in Roscommon-the former home of the Packenham Mahon family, built on the site of a 16th Century castle, which was home to the O’Conor-Roe Gaelic Chieftains. It is now the site of the National Famine Museum. We were treated to a fascinating tour of the house on arrival, before enjoying a wonderful dinner, and some fantastic harp-playing. The presidential chain was conferred to the incoming president, Mr Paul Sweeney of The Mercy University Hospital in Cork, and the society are already looking ahead to exciting things during his tenure as president.


About the authors:

Dr Clare O’Connell is a first year Urology SpR in the Department of Urology & Transplant in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin (@oconnellclare).




Dr Sorcha O’Meara is a second year Urology SHO in the Department of Urology in The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin (@sorchaOm).




Annual meeting of the Irish Society of Urology

A wonderful ISU meeting in a stunning setting with exquisite weather in my home county, Wicklow.  Great talks and posters from our Residents, but it was the audience discussion they prompted that made this such a stellar meeting.  Tremendous senior academic input from the Members of the Urological Club of Great Britain and Ireland as well as Guest Speakers Ian Eardley from Leeds and Mike Naslund from the University of Maryland and BAUS President Adrian Joyce.  Excellent back and forth discussion on Surgical Training, Urological Emergencies, Prostate Biopsy Sepsis, Incidentalomas, creating Centres of Excellence for Testis and Penile Cancer and (of course!) the Search for the Truth About Robots.  

Basic Science topics were of a very high standard with Boyce et al promising a blood test of 4 proteins that was far better than the Partin tables!!  Professor Mike Naslund made the complex so simple for us to understand in his talk on Health Care Economics – the take home message being that when you create a system where the patient is not personally out of pocket in accessing health care, you cannot control the costs.  Ian Eardley spoke on “Men vs Health”, enumerated all of the increased risks to the male from Metabolic Syndrome and concluded with the premise that the specialty best suited to drive forth the Men’s Health agenda is Urology.  Most felt that it was one of the best meetings they had been to because it was all about common garden topics they encounter in everyday practice and not the esoteric topics that tend to dominate the larger meetings.  So, come mid-Atlantic in Killarney Co Kerry for the ISU 2014 Meeting on the 25th and 26th of September with Guest Speakers Craig Peters from the US and Prokar Dasgupta from the UK!!!!


Dr David Quinlan
Consultant Urologist, St Vincent’s Hospital,
Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin
Chairman, BJUI

Twitter: @daithiquinlan

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