John Davis, BJUI Associate Editor for urological oncology, talks about why authors should submit to the BJUI. The aim of the Journal is to publish high-[...]
        The New England Research Institutes, Inc. (NERI) Nocturia Advisory Conference 2012: focus on outcomes of therapy Jeffrey P. Weiss1,2, Jerry G. Blaivas1,[...]
        Does androgen-ablation therapy (AAT) associated autophagy have a pro-survival effect in LNCaP human prostate cancer cells? Haley L. Bennett, Jacqueline [...]
The Simon Foundation for Continence was founded in 1982 by Cheryle Gartley to bring the subject into the open, remove the stigma surrounding incontinence and provide help and hope [...]
     Genetic predisposition to early recurrence in clinically localized prostate cancer Ángel Borque, Jokin del Amo†, Luis M. Esteban*, Elisabet Ars§, Carlos Hernández**[...]
 Salvage robot-assisted radical prostatectomy Haidar Abdul-Muhsin, Srinivas Samavedi, Claudio Pereira, Kenneth Palmer and Vipul Patel Global Robotics Institute, Celebration Health[...]
Ben Challacombe, BJUI Associate Editor for Technology and Innovation, talks about his role within the journal and the exciting BJUI changes towards the web and social media.[...]
 Importance of citrate and the calcium : citrate ratio in patients with calcium renal lithiasis and severe lithogenesis Miguel Angel Arrabal-Polo*, Miguel Arrabal-Martin*,  Salvad[...]