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Of Cricket and Urology: USICON 2015

The Indian captain MS Dhoni has retired from Test cricket after the MCG test in Australia. The timing of this announcement from a national hero has left opinions divided amongst pundits and people in a cricket mad nation. See the video on NDTV here. One of India’s most successful captains, wicket-keeper and unorthodox batsmen, MS […]

Surgical Science – everything is not what it seems

It has been another successful year for the BJUI. Our impact factor has gone up, the new design theme of ‘places’, featuring the location of the ‘Article of the Month’ on the front cover, has been well received and our web statistics have gone from strength to strength. Despite these successes, as a surgeon-scientist, I occasionally […]

Guideline of Guidelines

Many of us have developed an addiction to sports this summer. The World Cup football in Brazil with its continuous party spirit, the lush green lawns of Wimbledon and then the Test series between India and England. Our Web Editor could not contain himself: Amidst all the fun and excitement, three important pieces of news […]

Flying high as a kite

Some of my happiest memories are from my childhood. Part of it was spent in Lucknow where my mother had her ancestral home. An important city in Northern India, Lucknow was the seat of the Nawabs who built many beautiful palaces. One of these has a labyrinth, which many have entered only to get lost […]

Valentine’s Day PSA

A few years ago Barrack Obama, the President of the USA, is supposed to have said on Valentine’s Day – “Gentlemen – do not forget!” He was apparently speaking “from experience”. Not remembering that important day can have catastrophic consequences for many men. On that occasion, PSA stood for public service announcement. The headline, however, […]

Quality has no boundaries

The new year has arrived bringing with it new expectations of success. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on 2013 and plan for the year ahead. We hope you enjoyed the new web journal that we have introduced. It has certainly increased our full paper downloads each month which means that our readers do care. […]

Beyond our wildest dreams

In this podcast Prokar Dasgupta summarises the success of the BJUI over 2013. For more on podcasts, including how to record your own, go to Podcasts Made Simple.   If anyone had suggested to me in January 2013 that our full article downloads would increase by 15% and the Melbourne Consensus Statement on PSA testing would be […]

Technological Innovation in the BJUI

Time waits for no man St. Marher, 1225 Urology is arguably the leading technology driven surgical specialty. This is no accident. As surgeons we have always looked towards minimal invasion to reduce the trauma of access to our patients. One would have thought that the advent of drugs for BPH and OAB would perhaps reduce our […]

The Best of British

We live in a world that is getting smaller mainly because of global friendship, the Internet and the ease of travel. The British contribution to this should be a matter of pride for every UK urologist. Many friends and colleagues say that the BJUI has gone global, a decision that was made during the editorship […]

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