Images taken form Sahdev et al, BJUI 2017.[...]
This patient was referred with epigastric pain, right upper quadrant pain and vomiting.[...]
This patient is undergoing radiotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer. Images from Fodor et al, BJUI 2017.[...]
This image is taken from Friedl et al, BJUI 2017[...]
This gentleman underwent laser endopyelotomy for recurrent right PUJ obstruction. He re-presented as an emergency.[...]
A 68 year old male presented with a PSA of 3.8.[...]
This diabetic man had a perineal abscess drained. He made a good recovery but 2 days later crepitus was noted in the scrotum.[...]
These images are taken from Murphy et al, BJUI 2017 [LINK].[...]