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Editorial: Contemporary quality‐of‐life scores provide a key foundation for high‐quality cancer research

Prostate cancer is the most common male malignancy in many countries, including the UK/Northern Ireland. Given excellent oncological outcomes for appropriately treated localised cancer, there is an increasing focus on understanding the quality‐of‐life implications of different treatment options. As Donnelly et al. [1] emphasise, contemporary cohorts of untreated men can provide useful comparisons for inferring the […]

Editorial: Low rates of bone density testing in prostate cancer survivors on androgen‐deprivation therapy: where do we go from here?

In this month’s issue of the BJU International, Kirk et al. 1 describe their findings regarding an important issue in the care of prostate cancer survivors on androgen‐deprivation therapy (ADT): the underuse of bone density testing (BDT) to screen for osteoporosis. ADT is the commonest systemic therapy in patients with prostate cancer, used in both metastatic and localised settings. […]

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