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Editorial: Antibiotics and ureteroscopy: a single prophylactic dose is enough, but could we give even less?

Antibiotic resistance is internationally recognized as a threat to global health. As a consequence, there is an ongoing need to review antibiotic prescribing practice, both for treatment and prophylaxis. ‘Antibiotic stewardship’, whereby antimicrobial use, and the associated increase in bacterial resistance, is reduced, is essential worldwide [1]. In this issue of BJUI, Deng et al. [2] present the results of […]

The future of Urological Surgical Training

Dear Urology Trainees and Trainers, Here are some thoughts stating my reasons for resigning as an educational supervisor – please add your views and help form and drive the debate. Keeping them to yourself, and doing nothing, won’t change anything! “I have resigned as an official educational supervisor / trainer. This does not mean that […]

Quality matters most where the BJUI and stone disease are concerned

Size (and shape) is important and sometimes strings should be attached, but quality matters most where the BJUI and stone disease are concerned … The Editor-in-chief of the BJUI has consolidated the journal’s commitment to accepting only the highest quality papers, and this is certainly evident in the upper urinary tract section of this edition, […]

Editorial: The importance of citrate in patients with calcium stones and loss of bone mineral density

Stone disease and osteopaenia are both common conditions, and reduced bone mineral density (BMD) is an increasingly recognized complication in stone formers; indeed, in a previous paper in BJUI, Arrabal-Polo et al. reported that patients with recurrent stones have lower BMD compared with controls or patients with just a single episode of urolithiasis. Although the exact […]

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