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Editorial: Mental imagery: ‘you can observe a lot by watching!’

Urethrovesical anastomosis (UVA), like any other surgical anastomosis, is a key example of motor muscle memory, where aligning two hollow structures should result in a watertight anastomosis defining its success and help avoid complications. The authors [1] investigated the importance of cognitive training during UVA, which has been shown to be a promising supplement to […]

Editorial: Conventional laparoscopic surgery – more pain, no gain!

Advances in surgical technology have revolutionized the way surgery is performed today. Conventional laparoscopic surgery dominated the surgical paradigm for several decades, until robot-assisted surgery created the next giant leap. In the pressent article, Elhage et al. [1] compare and correlate physical stress and surgical performances among three modes of a standardized surgical step. Their study […]

Editorial: Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: getting your ducks in a row!

Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) has become the technique of choice for clinically localised prostate cancer. However, marked inter-surgeon heterogeneity and an obvious lack of standardisation exist for the indications and technique of the procedure. In this issue of the BJUI, Ficarra et al. conducted a multinational survey seeking opinion from 145 robotic surgeons about individual practices during RARP. These opinions can be compared […]

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