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Editorial: Nocturia and Depressive Symptoms in Older Men

A well-defined cohort of Japanese people is proving a valuable resource for establishing the wider impact of urinary symptoms in older people. Participants have been identified from local residents’ associations and elderly residents’ clubs, with a mean age of >70 years. In the present study [1], an increased incidence of depression was seen during longitudinal follow-up of […]

May Editorial: The Current Hot Topics in Functional Urology

For some time, the challenge represented by managing the overactive bladder (OAB) has been dominant in functional urology research. The introduction of new therapies has galvanised the area, with mirabegron showing strong promise for many patients as a monotherapy. In addition, the potential for combined therapy using mirabegron with established antimuscarinics has recently been reported […]

Midurethral tape surgery for incontinence; a possible victim of the vaginal mesh crisis?

Type 1 mesh is used in vaginal surgery for pelvic organ prolapse repair, along with the mid-urethral tapes for stress incontinence surgery. Tapes for incontinence surgery are well-established and systematic review shows that retropubic tape is probably more effective than colposuspension, risk of bladder perforation notwithstanding [1]. The various types of mid-urethral tape appear to […]

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