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Editorial: Mythology and Reality Should Never Be Confused (But Often Are)

The debating halls of learned urological societies often attempt to define theories based on little substance. Unfortunately, although this type of scientific discourse should be encouraged, it can create both content for unrepeatable ‘late breaking’ abstracts and headlines for mass circulation newspapers. Once started, the momentum can make a perception become a ‘reality’ that is […]

Divided by more than a common language

At its simplest, hypogonadism manifests as (abnormally) low testosterone levels, which require effective clinical intervention; however, there is little or no consensus on the definition, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Indeed, at least in the USA, the issue of the (ab)use of testosterone replacement has been under the microscope because of a hypothesis, albeit […]

Editorial: When two and two don’t make four

Many drugs are chiral, i.e. the enantiomers (isomers) cannot be superimposed on their mirror images. It has long been known that if a drug is chiral, then in biological terms, the isomers invariably differ in activity [1]. One isomer may specifically interact with a cell receptor to produce the desired outcome while the other might […]

Editorial: Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (PDEi) improve orgasm. The power of meta-analysis?

Ever since the potential utility of meta-analyses in the assessment of clinical data was brought to the notice of the urological community by Peter Boyle [1], they have been used increasingly. Indeed this approach to evaluation of drug effects has become de rigueur for healthcare providers and regulatory bodies. In particular, invaluable insight has been given into the benefit : risk […]

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