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Editorial: Daily exercise is daily medicine

Memes such as #10000steps, #Fit4LIFE and Apple’s new #CloseYourRings demonstrate the mantra ‘exercise is medicine’, a cornerstone of modern medical advice. Taaffe et al. [1] in this issue of the BJUI discuss the value of exercise medicine – Immediate vs delayed exercise in men initiating androgen deprivation: effects on bone density and soft tissue composition. Moving from anecdotal observation […]

Editorial: The opioid epidemic: a wake‐up call for us all

The article in this issue of BJUI by Theisen et al. [1] is a timely reminder of the duty of all prescribers (including surgeons) to be mindful of the potential unintended consequences and off‐target effects of medicines. Although some of the factors that have led to serious opioid‐related problems are particularly related to the US setting, […]

Editorial: How should we best manage obesity in urology?

Abdul-Muhsin et al. [1] are to be congratulated on an excellent study involving >3000 patients undergoing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy over a 4-year period. In their study they demonstrate that the morbidly obese patient can be managed in a just about equal way to the non-morbidly obese patient for removal of the prostate. The complications and recovery characteristics in […]

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