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Editorial: Vaporization is vaporization, but not at any cost…

The paper by Ghobrial et al. [1] confirms that bipolar electrocautery vaporization is more cost‐effective than GreenLight Laser vaporization, as the two techniques are equally effective but GreenLight vaporization is more costly in the smaller prostates being studied. Underpinning the analysis was a well‐conducted randomized controlled trial, showing equivalent peri‐operative and postoperative measures with the two […]

Editorial: The metabolic syndrome and the prostate

The metabolic syndrome has been known for ~80 years 1 and is important to both urologists and their patients because of a two‐fold increase in the relative risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease‐related events and a five‐fold increase for developing Type 2 diabetes as compared to people without the syndrome. Abdominal obesity is well known to be an important […]

Video: Aquablation – image-guided robot-assisted waterjet ablation of the prostate

Aquablation – image-guided robot-assisted waterjet ablation of the prostate: initial clinical experiences Peter Gilling, Rana Reuther, Arman Kahokehr and Mark Fraundorfer   Department of Urology, Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, New Zealand   Objective To assess the safety and feasibility of aquablation in a first-in-man study. Aquablation is a novel minimally invasive water ablation therapy combining image […]

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