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Editorial: Prostate Artery Embolization

Andrea Tubaro, in his editorial for European Association of Urology 2006 [1], discussed the paradigm shift in the surgical management of BPH from open surgery to TURP, and postulated that more refined and less invasive techniques would further dictate the treatment pathway to reduce cost, manage more high-risk surgical cases and reduce blood loss in […]

Editorial: Systematic transperineal and MRI‐targeted biopsies: the resolution of uncertainty

The paper published in this issue of the BJUI titled ‘Multicentre evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging supported transperineal biopsy in biopsy‐naïve men with suspicion of prostate cancer’ is timely and helps to resolve some of the uncertainty inherent within the diagnostic pathway 1. The publication of the PROstate MRI Imaging Study (PROMIS) study, although demonstrating that 25% of […]

Editorial: Contemplate the template: a new prostate biopsy approach

Transperineal magnetic resonance imaging – ultrasound fusion targeted biopsies (MRI-US FTB) of the prostate: the future of prostate diagnostics The prostate cancer diagnostic pathway has remained unchanged for 25 years. At best, laterally directed, peripheral zone (PZ) 12-core transrectal biopsies identify cancer in 44% of cases [1] but transrectal biopsies have an inherent sampling error with a risk of misdiagnosis […]

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