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Editorial: Guidelines on urinary incontinence: it is time to join forces!

Urinary incontinence is not life‐threatening and does not kill patients, but it is highly prevalent affecting millions of people worldwide, it significantly impairs quality of life, and the related health‐care costs are enormous. Thus, guidelines are crucial for helping us to achieve an optimal management of our patients with urinary incontinence. In this month’s issue […]

Editorial: Flares of chronic pelvic pain syndrome: lessons learned from the MAPP Research Network

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is one of the unresolved problems in urology. There are multiple recommendations for the management of CPPS, and the BJUI guideline of guidelines on bladder pain syndrome by Malde et al. [1] summarizes differences in nomenclature, definitions and recommended diagnostic tests and treatments between major national and international guidelines. CPPS is defined […]

Highlights from the 6th International Neuro-Urology Meeting

The world’s leading experts in Neuro-Urology met in Zürich, Switzerland, from 25-28 January 2018 at the 6th International Neuro-Urology Meeting (INUM) and provided an overview on the latest advances in research and clinical practice of this rapidly developing and exciting discipline. The INUM, organized under the umbrella of the Swiss Continence Foundation (, is the […]

5th International Neuro-Urology Meeting (INUM)

The Annual Congress of the International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS), organized by the Swiss Continence Foundation (SCF) Neurogenic urinary tract, sexual and bowel dysfunction is highly prevalent and affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. It has a major impact on quality of life and, besides the debilitating manifestations for patients, it also imposes a […]

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