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Editorial: The way towards understanding possible multiple functions of AR V7 in prostate cancer

The presence of constitutively active androgen receptors in castration therapy‐resistant prostate cancer is frequently associated with therapy resistance. This is not surprising because the transcriptional program of these receptors is not dependent on the presence of circulating androgen. In conditions of reduced expression of circulating androgen, functional activity of the receptor probably contributes to cancer […]

Editorial: New possibilities for urinary molecular diagnostics

Fusion of androgen-driven serine protease transmembrane protease (TMPRSS) and oncogenic erythroblast transformation-specific-related gene (ERG) genes is a specific alteration in human prostate cancer and many studies have been performed in order to analyse its role as a biomarker or, even more interestingly, as a tumour promoter [1]. Recently, Nguyen et al. [1] demonstrated that ERG activates […]

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