This diagram is taken from Macchi et al, BJUI 2017 who report on the variation of intra-renal arterial anatomy using cadaveric casts.[...]
This patient is having the prostatic right iliac nodal metastases excised (From Esch et al, BJUI 2017).[...]
This patient had an ectopic ureterocele incised. These images shows a pre (left) and post (right) voiding cysto-urethrogram.  [...]
Images taken from Galiabovitch et al (BJUI, 2017). These show H&E staining pathological specimens after radical prostatectomy.[...]
  This patient has a rising PSA following previous radical prostatectomy. (From Esch et al, BJUI 2017)[...]
This image is taken from O’Brien et al, BJUI 2017.[...]
This image is taken from a step-by-step guide to robotic formation of an ileal neobladder (from Hussein et al, BJUI 2017).[...]
This patient presented unwell with fever.[...]