Every week the Editor-in-Chief selects the Article of the Week from the current issue of BJUI. The abstract is reproduced below and you can click on the button to read the full art[...]
A formal and standardised process of credentialing and certification is required that should not merely be based on the number of completed cases but should be done via demonstrati[...]
Cognitive skills assessment during robot-assisted surgery: separating the wheat from the chaff Khurshid A. Guru, Ehsan T. Esfahani†, Syed J. Raza, Rohit Bhat†, Katy Wang‡, Yana Ham[...]
The authors of the study on robot-assisted pyeloplasty in this issue of BJUI have carried out an excellent review of the current data on this common paediatric urology procedure [1[...]
        Robot-assisted laparoscopic artificial urinary sphincter insertion in men with neurogenic stress urinary incontinence David R. Yates, Véronique Phé, Mor[...]