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Best of China 2014


Recent years have witnessed the boom of Chinese urology. An increasing amount of high-quality research is carried out in China, which is reflected in increasing numbers of articles being accepted by prestigious journals like BJUI. As the president of the Chinese Urological Association, I believe that it is necessary to select provocative articles – focusing on better solutions to widely discussed clinical issues as well as latest achievements from Chinese laboratories – for readers in China and abroad. This BJUI Virtual Issue – Best of China 2014 includes 12 studies from Chinese urologists, covering a wide range from basic research, translational medicine to clinical concerns. Many of the selected studies are aimed to assess the safety and efficacy of a certain urological surgery, such as remote ischaemic preconditioning during laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (by Prof. Yiran Huang), tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy (by Prof. Qing Jiang) and photoselective vaporization of the prostate (by Prof. Danfeng Xu), which are hot issues in the clinic. Also, the articles on functional molecules in the progress of urinary disorders (by Prof. Benkang Shi) and urological pathology and epidemiology (by Prof. Liqun Zhou) are well worth reading. I hope that this collection can provide interest and value, and that this Virtual Issue can help to build a solid connection between Chinese urologists and the peers of the world. Many thanks to all of those who contribute to the development of Chinese urology as a cause.


近年来,中国泌尿外科事业发展迅猛,涌现出越来越多高质量的科研成果。在BJUI等权威杂志上中国学者的文章日益增多就是很好的说明。作为CUA的主任委 员,我认为将那些具有启发性的中国泌尿外科学者的文章加以整理,以飨读者是很有意义的。这些文章或是有关临床问题的解决方案,或是有关实验室的最新进展。 这部精选合集就选择了12篇中国泌尿外科学者近期在BJUI发表的文章,内容涵盖基础医学、转化医学和临床医学。有些文章侧重评估当前热议的一些泌尿外科 术式的安全性和有效性,比如肾部分切中远端缺血预处理技术(黄翼然) 、无造瘘管的经皮肾镜术(重医二附院 姜庆)和绿激光前列腺汽化术(徐丹枫)。另外,有关功能性分子在泌尿外科疾病进展中的作用(史本康)及泌尿外科病理学和流行病学的文章(周利群)也值得一 读。我希望这本合集能为读者带来兴趣和启发,希望这本精选集有助于建立中国泌尿外科学者和其他国家的同道之间紧密的联系。感谢那些为中国泌尿外科事业做出 贡献的人们!

Yinghao Sun MD, PhD
President, Second Military Medical University (SMMU)
Director & Professor, Department of Urology, Shanghai Hospital, SMMU
President, Chinese Urological Association (CUA)


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