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An interview with Christopher Woodhouse

A BJUI monthly interview series Face to Face

Keywords: BJUI, face to face, interview
Authors: John Fitzpatrick, Christopher Woodhouse

‘Face to Face’ is a monthly interview series with personalities in the urology field. As a successor to BJUI’s‘Conversations’ feature, ‘Face to Face’ is fashioned after the highly acclaimed BBC television series of the same name where former British politician John Freeman interviewed famous men and women with an insightful and probing style.

In this edition of ‘Face to Face’, I talk with Christopher Woodhouse, MD, FRCS, FEBU, Professor and Chief of Adolescent Urology at the University College London (UCL) Hospital. There, he manages the adolescent urology unit, which specializes in the long-term management of adolescents and adults born with urological abnormalities. In addition, he also serves as a Consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where he specializes in urological oncology, particularly bladder cancer and reconstruction. Acclaimed as a world-renown expert in these two subspecialty areas, he has served as visiting professor at numerous universities in such countries as Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the USA. In addition to being a urologist, he is a British peer, the 6th Baron Terrington. I recently spoke with him at UCL Hospital in London.

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