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Public Pronouncements and Individual Responsibility

The articles beneath headlines in the media relating to medicine rarely contain anything truly revolutionary or even anything particularly new despite what the headlines might have suggested.  We have all seen headlines promising a new cure for cancer, condemning an individuals practice and suggesting they are a charlatan and articles suggesting doctors are under-treating patients […]

The Urological Ten Commandments

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” – Friedrich Nietzsche The EAU guidelines on lower urinary tract symptoms have been published recently.  These contain 36,000 words.  It was pointed out to me that the American declaration of independence contained 1300 words and The Ten Commandments just […]

The Death of the Junior Surgeon

I think I attended a meeting recently at which I fear, after many years of being slowly deprived of oxygen by various organisations, a component of a profession which I love and to which I have devoted so much of my life, finally started to give up the fight and started to die. I am […]

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