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Annual meeting of the Irish Society of Urology

A wonderful ISU meeting in a stunning setting with exquisite weather in my home county, Wicklow.  Great talks and posters from our Residents, but it was the audience discussion they prompted that made this such a stellar meeting.  Tremendous senior academic input from the Members of the Urological Club of Great Britain and Ireland as […]

Fish Oils and Prostate Cancer

If a Blog can be a call for help, then this is it! Since the recent high-profile paper in JNCI ( suggesting that Omega 3 supplements increase the risk of Prostate Cancer and induce high grade prostate cancer, I am plagued by patient and colleague concerns about whether or not men should stop taking Omega […]


BJUI had a very successful meeting at USICON in Pune. The hospitality was superb and a very well organised meeting. BJUI was represented by myself as Chairman of the Executive and by Prof Prokar Dasgupta as our new Editor. Prokar and his USICON counterparts put on a superb three hour symposium on how to organise […]

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