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BJUI had a very successful meeting at USICON in Pune. The hospitality was superb and a very well organised meeting. BJUI was represented by myself as Chairman of the Executive and by Prof Prokar Dasgupta as our new Editor. Prokar and his USICON counterparts put on a superb three hour symposium on how to organise a research project for publication. This symposium was extremely well attended with a vigorous interaction with the audience – it was very lively. In addition, Prokar had a significant input into a symposium on robotic prostatectomy as well as other scientific areas. Clearly, USICON were very pleased to see such an input into the USI from the BJUI and our attendance seemed to re-invigorate the relationship.

David Quinlan is Chairman of the BJU International Charity; Consultant Urologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin; Senior Lecturer in Surgery at University College, Dublin, Ireland.

BJUI Editor-in-Chief Prokar Dasgupta with Drs Rane, Kochikar and Patel at USICON


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  1. Abhay Rane
    Abhay Rane says:

    I agree with David. The BJUI-USI session was one of the best at USICON 2013, with plenty of interaction.

    At the BAUS – USICON session, Adrian Joyce gave an excellent talk on the contemporary management of the small renal mass, and Prokar wowed the audience with his dubbed animation of a potential disaster that was probably averted due to the pilot having trained intensively on a simulator.

    It is very encouraging to see that the ties between the USI, BAUS and the BJUI are still very strong; we came away from the meeting having renewed ties with several old friends and having made several new ones.

  2. dr makarand khochikar
    dr makarand khochikar says:

    It was indeed a great pleasure to have the BJUI team at USICON.
    I indeed agree with David , the sessions on the reviewing /writing a paper , how to set up a research project and the robotic surgery were really superb.

    Prokar as usual was at his best , Abhay’s presentation on problems with live demonstration caught the attention of many , presentation by Adrian Joyce was also stimulating , David’s presence also added the flavour.

    We are all eagerly looking forward to the NEW FACE of BJUI in coming times.

    We really missed John Fitzpatrick and Chris Woodhouse this time , we are so used to have them at our USICON for last so many years .

    Thanks for the lovely picture , all of them are convincing me to change to robotics at the earliest it seems !

    Makarand Khochikar MS DNB( Urol) FRCS (urol) FEBU
    Chief uro-oncologist
    Siddhi Vinayak Ganapari Cancer Hospital, Miraj ( India)

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