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Laparoscopy and robotics – an overhyped rivalry?

Highlights from the Laparoscopy & Robotics subspecialty meeting at the 50th annual conference of the Urological Society of India (Mumbai, India)

It was like Australia and Egg2ngland playing a friendly cricket match in the middle of the Ashes tour…or perhaps Liverpool and Manchester United fans celebrating together in the spirit of bonhomie…

In an ably conducted sub specialty meeting during the golden jubilee annual conference of the Urological Society of India, Dr. Mallikarjuna Chiruvella from Hyderabad, the hub of the Indian software revolution, brought together traditional rivals, Laparoscopy and Robotics – not for comparisons and conflicts – but to find common ground in terms of improving outcomes and handling complications.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot in common when it comes to these two modalities. Indeed one is the progeny of the other. The anatomy, approach, indications, complications, and indeed, the ways of dealing with them have more similarities than differences.  Experts from both sides of the fence highlighted these similarities and delved into the finer technical points of these modalities across the wide spectrum of urological ailments – urolithiasis, reconstructive urology and urologic oncology.  An important component was the special emphasis on laparoscopic training and suturing techniques.

Our very own Editor In Chief, Prof. Prokar Dasgupta, was the show stopper with an exciting talk on the future of robotic surgery in which he explored advancements related to imaging integration, in vivo microscopy, automation, virtual reality and haptic feedback in the next gen robotic systems of the future.

Video clip of Prof Dasgupta’s slides (no audio).

Sub specialty convener, Dr Mallikarjuna and co conveners, Dr Arvind Ganpule from Nadiad, Gujarat and Dr. Gagan Gautam from New Delhi managed to raise some goosebumps in the 500+ attendees by presenting 3 ‘nightmares’ video sessions which took a keen look at intraoperative disasters and ways and means of preventing and managing them.


While the debates on laparoscopy versus robotics continue, the content and conduct of the meeting ensured that everyone could take away something practical and implementable from this session. Here’s to the new found common ground!


Gagan Gautam Head – Urologic Oncology & Robotic Surgery, Max Institute of Cancer Care, New Delhi, India. Twitter: @DrGaganGautam

Dr. Mallikarjuna Chiruvella Managing director, Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology, Erramanzil colony, Hyderabad, India


Of Cricket and Urology: USICON 2015

The Indian captain MS Dhoni has retired from Test cricket after the MCG test in Australia. The timing of this announcement from a national hero has left opinions divided amongst pundits and people in a cricket mad nation. See the video on NDTV here.

One of India’s most successful captains, wicket-keeper and unorthodox batsmen, MS will now focus on one day and T20 cricket. With 3.3M followers on Twitter (@msdhoni) his popularity remains unabated, with Sky sports dedicating a program to highlight his test career.

If you are planning to visit his hometown for USICON 2015, Ranchi, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the great man as its brand ambassador. The BJUI will be there as the affiliated journal of the Urological Society of India. The Best of India has been published by the BJUI to celebrate this important occasion.
















Prokar Dasgupta 

King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital, London, UK

Mukti Kant Senapati

Sr. Consultant Urologist, Organizing Secretary, USICON 2015, Ranchi




BJUI had a very successful meeting at USICON in Pune. The hospitality was superb and a very well organised meeting. BJUI was represented by myself as Chairman of the Executive and by Prof Prokar Dasgupta as our new Editor. Prokar and his USICON counterparts put on a superb three hour symposium on how to organise a research project for publication. This symposium was extremely well attended with a vigorous interaction with the audience – it was very lively. In addition, Prokar had a significant input into a symposium on robotic prostatectomy as well as other scientific areas. Clearly, USICON were very pleased to see such an input into the USI from the BJUI and our attendance seemed to re-invigorate the relationship.

David Quinlan is Chairman of the BJU International Charity; Consultant Urologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin; Senior Lecturer in Surgery at University College, Dublin, Ireland.

BJUI Editor-in-Chief Prokar Dasgupta with Drs Rane, Kochikar and Patel at USICON


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