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Podcast: NICE guidelines on LUTS in men

Part of the BJUI/BURST podcast series

Arman Zachariah Chacko is in the second year of core surgical training in the Southwest Peninsula Deanery, UK.
In this podcast Arman summarises the NICE guidelines on lower urinary tract symptoms in men, published in 2010 and updated in 2015: www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg97.
He is part of BURST urology. British Urology Researchers in Surgical Training (BURST) is a research collaborative primarily of urological researchers in the UK. Their aim is to produce high impact multi-centre audits and research which can improve patient care.

Video abstract: clinical trial protocol of the LUNAR study

LUNAR: a randomized Phase 2 study of 177Lutetium-PSMA Neoadjuvant to Ablative Radiotherapy for Oligorecurrent Prostate Cancer (clinical trial protocol)

The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of 177Lu-PNT2002, a novel radiolabelled small molecule that binds with high affinity to prostate-specific membrane antigen, in combination with stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) to all sites of metastasis, vs SBRT alone, in men with oligorecurrent metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

Ting Martin MaJohannes CzerninCarol FelixRejah AlanoHolly WilhalmeLuca ValleMichael L. SteinbergMagnus DahlbomRobert E. ReiterMatthew B. RettigMinsong CaoJeremie CalaisAmar U. Kishan

Podcast: Radiological features characterising indeterminate testes masses: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Part of the BJUI/BURST podcast series

Dr Eunice Ter Zuling is a Urology registrar based in Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Twitter: @EuniceZuling

In this podcast she discusses the BJUI paper: Radiological features characterising indeterminate testes masses: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Eunice is part of BURST urology. British Urology Researchers in Surgical Training (BURST) is a research collaborative primarily of urological researchers in the UK. Their aim is to produce high impact multi-centre audit and research which can improve patient care.


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Podcast from BJUI Knowledge: Chemoradiation for bladder preservation

Oncologist Yee Pei Song talks to Mike Leveridge about her module Does the use of chemoradiation enable preservation of the bladder in bladder cancer?

BJUI Knowledge: The CPD portal for urologists

Comprehensive, trustworthy and easy to use e-learning platform for trainees, residents, consultants and all specialising in urology.

Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.
Approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

BJUI Knowledge is evidence-based, fully referenced and peer reviewed to ensure academic, scientific and editorial validity.

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BAUS – BJUI – USANZ Joint Session at AUA 2023

American influence on Global Urology: The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

Sunday, April 30th                           2:00 – 5.00 PM
Room N427 AB, McCormick Place Convention Centre North Building



Session 1                          CHAIRS: Joe Philip, Nikita Bhatt


1405–1445 Ureteric Stones: Medical Expulsive therapy – Is the Jury still out?

Dr. Necole Streeper, Associate Professor of Urology, Penn State Health, PA, USA

Mr Angus Luk, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

1445–1510 Shockwave Lithotripsy for Renal & Ureteric stones: Cometh the hour Cometh the Norm: Post Covid Change in Clinical practice.

Mr. Joe Philip, (BJUI Sponsored BAUS speaker). Consultant Urological Surgeon, Bristol Urological Institute, UK

1510–1535 Afternoon tea

Session 2                          CHAIRS: Jo Cresswell, Alan McNeill, Michael Gorin


1535–1630 PSA Screening: Proactive or Counterproductive?

Dr. Sigrid Carlsson, Assistant Attending Epidemiologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, USA

Professor Hashim Ahmed, (BJUI Sponsored speaker). Chair of Urology, Imperial College, London, UK

Dr. Renu Eapen, (BJUI Sponsored USANZ speaker). Consultant Urologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Victoria, Australia

1630–1640 Summary presentation

Professor Hashim Ahmed, Chair of Urology, Imperial College, London


Session 3                          CHAIRS: Jo Cresswell, Helen O’Connell, Michael Gorin


1640–1700 The 10 most important US contributions to Urology

Dr. Nikita Bhatt, East of England Higher Specialist Trainee & BAUS Sponsored AUA Leadership Retreat Nominee, UK

1700-1705 BJUI Americas Award for authors based in The Americas presented by Alan McNeill, Chair BJU International
1705-1900 BJUI Reception


Video: Impact of darolutamide on local symptoms

Read the full article
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Video: BJUI Compass: what’s your favourite paper?

Former BJUI Compass Editor, Dr John Davis, in discussion with Dr Janet Kukreja about her recent favourite papers assessed for the journal.

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Podcast from BJUI Knowledge: bladder function after in utero myelomeningocele repair


Paediatric urologist Antonio Macedo, author of e-learning module Postnatal bladder function after in utero repair of myelomeningocele: a literature review talks to Stephen Griffin.

BJUI Knowledge: The CPD portal for urologists

Comprehensive, trustworthy and easy to use e-learning platform for trainees, residents, consultants and all specialising in urology.

  • Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.
  • Approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

BJUI Knowledge is evidence-based, fully referenced and peer reviewed to ensure academic, scientific and editorial validity.

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Podcast from BJUI Knowledge: prostate cancer screening


Author Monique Roobol talks to associate editor Greg Shaw about screening for prostate cancer.

BJUI Knowledge: The CPD portal for urologists

Comprehensive, trustworthy and easy to use e-learning platform for trainees, residents, consultants and all specialising in urology.

  • Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.
  • Approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

BJUI Knowledge is evidence-based, fully referenced and peer reviewed to ensure academic, scientific and editorial validity.


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Thank You To All Our 2020 Peer Reviewers

We would particularly like to thank the following individuals who are the top reviewers for the journal in 2020, all with ≥10 reviews

Nathan Lawrentschuk Sima Porten
Tobias Klatte Roderick van den Bergh
Sigrid Carlsson Stephan Madersbacher
Riccardo Autorino Niranjan Sathianathen
Matthew Roberts Yair Lotan
Alexander Cole Asif Muneer

We are extremely grateful to all our reviewers for their time and hard work during an incredibly difficult year

Aastha Abdollah, Firas Abel, E. Abouassaly, Robert
Abrams, Paul Abreu, Leonardo Acher, Peter Adolfsson, Jan
Adshead, James Ahdoot, Michael Ahlawat, Rajesh Ahlgren, Johan
Ahluwalia, Puneet Ahmad, Imran Ahmed, Hashim Ahmed, Kamran
Aho, Tev Ajayi, Leye Al Jaafari, Feras Alam, Ridwan
Albersen, Maarten Albertsen, Peter Alhasso, Ammar Alifrangis, Constantine
Allaway, Matthew Aloj, Luigi Alzweri, Laith Aminsharifi, Alireza
Anderson, Christopher Anderson, Mark Anderson, Paul Andolfi, Ciro
Antonelli, Jodi Apostolidis, Apostolos Armitage, James Arndt, Volker
Arora, Sohrab Arsov, Christian Ashrafi, Akbar Assimos, Dean
Averbeck, Marcio Aydin, Abdullatif Baack Kukreja, Janet Baard, Joyce
Babjuk, Marek Badlani, Gopal H. Bahnson, Robert Bajic, Petar
Bajpai, Minu Balasubramanian, Adithya Ball, Mark Bandini, Marco
Bangma, Chris Barber, Neil Barod, Ravi Barrett, Tristan
Baumgarten, Adam Beard, David Becerra, Maria Becher, Edgardo
Bedke, Jens Behre, Hermann Beisland, Christian Belenchon, Ines
Bell, Richard Berglund, Anders Betschart, Cornelia Bex, Axel
Bhandari, Mahendra Bhat, Seetharam Bhatt, Jaimin Bhatt, Nikita
Bhindi, Bimal Bianchi, Daniele Bianchi, Lorenzo Birkhäuser, Frédéric
Birkhäuser, Veronika Biyani, Chandra Bjartell, Anders Blackmur, James
Blazeby, Jane Blecher, Gideon Blick, Christopher Blok, Bertil
Bloom, Jonathan Boddy, Jane Bogaert, Guy Bokhorst, Leonard
Bolgeri, Marco Bolton, Damien Boone, Timothy Borkowska, Edyta
Bose, Pradeep Boström, Peter Bratt, Ola Brehmer, Marianne
Brewin, James Brewster, Simon Briganti, Alberto Bromage, Steve
Brooks, Nathan Brouwer, Oscar Brown, Christian Brown, Matthew
Bryan, Richard Bryant, Richard Budäus, Lars Buffi, Nicolò
Bukavina, Laura Bultitude, Matthew Burgu, Berk Burkhard, Fiona
Butler, Santino Butow, Phyllis Byrne, Fiona Cadeddu, Jeffrey
Cahill, Declan Cai, Tommaso Caldamone, Anthony Camilleri, Philip
Campbell, Jeffrey Campeau, Lysanne Campi, Riccardo Canda, Abdullah Erdem
Canning, Douglas Cantiello, Francesco Capitanio, Umberto Capogrosso, Paolo
Cardozo, Linda Carlo, Buonerba Caroppo, Ettore Castiglione, Fabio
Castro-Diaz, David Cathcart, Paul Celia, Antonio Cellek, Selim
Cerruto, Maria Angela Challacombe, Ben Chancellor, Michael Chander, Sarat
Chandra, Ashish Chandra, Lizzie Chandrasekar, Thenappan Chang, David
Chapin, Brian Chapple, Christopher Chatta, Gurkamal Checcucci, Enrico
Chee, Justin Cheung, Douglas Chew, Ben Chi, Thomas
Chin, Joseph Chin, Kwang Chin, Peter Chin, Stephen
Chow, Ken Christopher, Nim Chuang, Yao-Chi Chun, Felix
Chung, Doreen Chung, Eric Clark, Jack Clemens, J. Quentin
Cohen, Ronald Collins, Justin Colquhoun, Alexandra Compérat, Eva
Cone, Eugene Coode-Bate, Jack Cooper, Colin Corcoran, Niall
Corcos, Jacques Cosker, Thomas Costello, Anthony Cotterill, Nikki
Cox, Edward Crabb, Simon Cracco, Cecilia Cranston, David
Cresswell, Joanne Crockett, Matthew Cross, Brian Cruz, Célia
Cruz, Francisco Cui, Helen Culig, Zoran Cullen, Victoria
Cumberbatch, Marcus Cutress, Mark Cuypers, Maarten Cynk, Mark
Da Ros, Carlos Dabestani, Saeed Dahm, Philipp Dan, Woodcock
D’Andrea, David Daneshmand, Siamak Danila, Daniel Danuser, Hansjoerg
Darr, Christopher Dasgupta, Ranan Dauw, Casey Davies, Lucy
Davis, John De Giorgi, Ugo de la Taille, Alexandre De Meerleer, Gert
De Reijke, Theo M. De Win, Gunter Del Popolo, Giulio D’Elia, Carolina
Dell’Oglio, Paolo Delprado, Warick Denstedt, John Derweesh, Ithaar
Desai, Janak Desai, Mahesh Diamond, David Dinkelman-Smit, M.
Dmochowski, Roger Doizi, Steeve Donovan, Jenny Dragos, Laurian
Drake, Marcus Droupy, Stéphane Dudderidge, Tim Dukic, Ivo
Dundee, Philip Eapen, Renu Eardley, Ian Eastham, James
Eberli, Daniel Eddy, Ben Eden, Christopher Egawa, Shin
Egevad, Lars Ehdaie, Behfar Eichler, Martin Eisenberger, Mario
Eisner, Brian Elders, Andrew Eldred-Evans, David Elhage, Oussama
Ellis, Robert Elmamoun, Mamoun Elneil, Sohier Elsamra, Sammy
Elshal, Ahmed Elterman, Dean Emberton, Mark Engeler, Daniel
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Eversden, Elizabeth Eyre, David Falagario, Ugo Falcone, Marco
Faltas, Bishoy Feber, Andrew Fero, Katherine Ferro, Matteo
Ficarra, Vincenzo Fife, Kate Finazzi Agrò, Enrico Finch, William
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Furr, James Furrer, Marc G. Zaorsky, Nicholas Gacci, Mauro
Gadzhiev, Nariman Gadzinski, Adam Gakis, Georgios Galfano, Antonio
Gall, Zara Gallagher, Kevin Gallieni, Maurizio Gandaglia, Giorgio
Gao, Chuanyu Gearhart, John Geavlete, Petrisor Georgiades, Fanourios
Geurts, Nicolas Ghai, Sangeet Ghani, Khurshid Ghazi, Ahmed
Gianduzzo, Troy Giannantoni, Antonella Gietzmann, William Giganti, Francesco
Gilbert, James Gild, Philipp Giusti, Guido Gnanapragasam, Vincent
Goldenberg, Larry Goldman, Howard Goldsmith, Louise Golla, Vishnukamal
Gomes, Cristiano Gontero, Paulo Good, Daniel Goonewardene, Sanchia
Gordon, Stephen Gorin, Michael Graefen, Markus Granr, Aurelie
Gravas, Stavros Gregg, Justin Grilo, Nuno Groen, Jan
Gross, Oliver Gross, Tobias Grummet, Jeremy Gulati, Roman
Gurney, Howard Guru, Khurshid Guruli, Georgi Ha, Yun-Sok
Hackett, Geoff Hakenberg, Oliver Hakimi, A Ari Hamid, Rizwan
Hamm, Rebecca Han, Deok Hyun Han, Ping Handelsman, David
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Haug, Alexander Häuser, Lorine Hautmann, Richard E. Hayne, Dickon
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Heijnsdijk, Eveline Helfand, Brian Heller, Nick Hellstrom, Wayne
Henderson, John Hendry, Rob Henry, Ann Hensley, Patrick
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Jonasch, Eric Jones, James Joseph, Jean Joyce, Adrian
Jung, Helene Jung, Jae Hung Junker, Kerstin Kalejaiye, Ayo
Kamal, Wissam Kamat, Ashish Kamphuis, Guido Kaouk, Jihad
Kaplan, Steven Karakiewicz, Pierre Karam, Jose Karnes, R
Kasivisvanathan, Veeru Kassouf, Wassim Kastner, Christof Kates, Max
Kattan, Mike KAYA, ENGIN Kayes, Oliver Keam, Simon
Keanie, Julian Keeley, Frank Kekre, Nitin Keoghane, Stephen
Kessler, Thomas Khaki, Ali Khan, Muhammad Shamim Khetrapal, Pramit
Khochikar, Makarand Kim, Hyung Kim, Isaac Kimura, Shoji
Kirsch, Andrew J. Kishida, Takeshi Kiss, Bernhard Kitta, Takeya
Klein, Eric Klein, Robert Kliesch, Sabine Klotz, Laurence
Kneebone, Andrew Knight, Simon Knipper, Sophie Knoll, Thomas
Knudsen, Bodo Kobayashi, Takashi Kockelbergh, Roger KOGA, Fumitaka
Kondo, Tsunenori Konety, Badrinath Koo, Kyo Chul Korte, James
Kosmoliaptsis, Vasilis Kotb, Ahmed Kovac, Evan Kozomara, Marko
Krambeck, Amy Kramer, Mario Kretschmer, Alexander Kriegmair, Maximilian
Kroeger, Nils Krokidis, Miltos Kulkarni, Meghana Kulkarni, Sanjay
Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Vivekanandan Kundu, Bibhas Kuo, Hann-Chorng
Kurithof-de Julio, Marianna Kutikov, Alex Kwan, Edmond Laguna, Pilar
Laird, Alexander Lallas, Costas Lam, Thomas Lam, Wayne
Lamb, Alastair Lamb, Benjamin Landman, Jaime Langenhuijsen, Johan
Lantz, Anna Larcher, Alessandro Lascano, Danny Laurentino, Sandra
Le Roux, Pieter Lec, Patrick Lee, Eugene Lee, Wai Gin
Leiber, Christian Leitner, Lorenz Lenfant, Louis Lenis, Andrew
Leow, Jeffrey Leppert, John Lerner, Lori Leung, Steve
Levine, Larry Lewington, Andrew Leyh-Bannurah, Sami-Ramzi Liatsikos, Evangelos
Liau, Siong Lilja, Hans Liow, Elizabeth Lipkin, Michael
Lipshultz, Larry Liu, Jui-Ming Lo, Simon Loblaw, Andrew
Loeb, Stacy Lonergan, Peter Lopez, Francisco Lopez-Beltran, Antonio
Louie, Alexander Louie-Johnsun, Mark Love, Christopher Lovegrove, Catherine
Lucca, Ilaria Lughezzani, Giovanni Luiting, Henk Luk, Angus
Luo, Jun Luzzago, Stefano Ma, Runzhuo MacLennan, Sara
MacPherson, Ruth Madaan, Sanjeev Madersbacher, Helmut Magee, Diana
Mahal, Brandon Malde, Sachin Manecksha, Rustom Manley, Brandon
Mantica, Guglielmo Marchioni, Michele Margulis, Vitaly Mari, Andrea
Mariappan, Paramananthan Mariotti, Guilherme Mark, Stephen Marks, Leonard
Marra, Giancarlo Marshall, Ernie Martin, Richard Martini, Alberto
Masson-Lecomte, Alexandra Masterson, Timothy Matanhelia, Mudit Matin, Surena
Matsumoto, Kazuhiro Mattei, Agostino Maurer, Tobias Mazhar, Danish
Mazzone, Elio McCaig, Fiona McGrath, John Mcintosh, lachlan
McNeill, Alan Mehan, Nicholas Mehnert, Ulrich Mehrazin, Reza
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Menogue, Stuart Menon, Mani Merseburger, Axel Mertens, Laura
Meyer, Christian Miah, Saiful Michel, Martin Michels, Lars
Miernik, Arkadiusz Millar, Jeremy Miller, Eric Miller, Nipor
Mills, Ian Minhas, Suks Mir, Maria Mistretta, Francesco
Mitchell, Catherine Mitchell, Tom Mitin, Timur Mitra, Anirban
Moch, Holger Molden-Hauer, Tristan Molina-Garrido, Maria-Jose Monastyrskaya, Katia
Monn, M Francesca Montorsi, Francesco Moon, Daniel Moore, Caroline
Moore, Katherine Mordasini, Livio Moretti, Kim Morita, Masashi
Moschini, Marco Moschovas, Marcio Mossanen, Matthew Mostafid, Hugh
Muhitch, Jason Mühlstädt, Sandra Muir, Gordon Mukhopadhyay, Subhankar
Mulders, Peter Mumtaz, Faiz Mundy, Anthony Murphy, Declan
Murray, Julia Murray, Katie Murtola, Teemu Musco, Stefania
Mushtaq, Imran Mynbaev, Ospan Nabi, Ghulam Nabi, Junaid
Nair, Rajesh Namdarian, Benjamin Narayan, Vikram Nathan, Senthil
Neal, Naomi Necchi, Andrea Nelson, Adam Netsch, Christopher
Neumeier, Vera Neves, Joana Nguyen, David-Dan Nguyen, Hao
Nichol, David Nickel, J. Curtis Nicol, David Nieboer, Daan
Nieto, Yago Nobrega, Richard Nonomura, Norio Nordhoff, Verena
Nottingham, Charles Nyame, Yaw Nzenza, Tatenda Oades, Grenville
O’Brien, Tim O’Brien, Timothy O’Connor, Kevin Oddens, Jorg
Oh, William Olsburgh, Jonathon Omer, Altan Ong, Wee
Osses, Daniël Osther, Palle O’Sullivan, Richard Oudard, Stéphane
Ouzaid, Idir Paciotti, Marco Page, Toby Pal, Sumanta
Paller, Channing Panebianco, Valeria Panicker, Jalesh Pannek, Jürgen
Pantuck, Allan Pariser, Joseph Parker, Chris Parnham, Arie
Partin, Alan Pasquier, David Patel, Hiten Patel, Keval
Patel, Manish Patel, Parth Patel, Uday Patel, Vipul
Patil, Vishal Patki, Prasad Patterson, Jake Pavlovich, Christian
Payne, Steve Pearce, Ian Pearle, Margaret Pecoraro, Angela
Penzkofer, Tobias Perera, Marlon Perez Fentes, Daniel Pérez, Daniel
Peters, Craig Peters, Inga Peters, Max Petros, Firas
Pettaway, Curtis Peyronnet, Benoit Pfail, John Pfister, David
Phé, Véronique Philip, Stuart Pierorazio, Phillip Ploumidis, Achilles
Pokorny, Morgan Pontari, Mike Pook, David Popert, Richard
Porcaro, Antonio Porpiglia, Francesco Porter, James Portis, Andrew
Poulsen, Mads Pradere, Benjamin Preminger, Glenn Presicce, Fabrizio
Preston, Mark Proietti, Silvia Protheroe, Andrew Pryor, David
Quarrier, Scott Radtke, Jan Philipp Ragab, Mostafa Rai, Bhavan
Raison, Nicholas Rajan, Prabhakar Rajan, Probhakaran Rakauskas, Arnas
Ralph, David Ramakrishnan, Venkat Ramasamy, Ranjith Ranasinghe, Weranja
Rane, Abhay Rannikko, Antti Rashid, Aso Omer Rashid, Prem
Rassweiler, Jens Rastinehad, Ardeshir Ratan, Hari Ratliff, Timothy
Rawal, Sudhir Razvi, Hassan Rees, Rowland Reeves, Fairleigh
Rehder, Peter Reisman, Yacov Reiter, Robert Remzi, Mesut
Reynard, John Richenberg, Jonathan Rider, Jennifer Rieken, Malte
Riggs, Stephen Rimmer, Yvonne Rink, Michael Roberts, William
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Rochester, Mark Roehrborn, Claus Rogers, Craig Roghmann, Florian
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Rowe, Courtney Ruiz-Castañe, Eduardo Rukin, Nicholas Russell, Neil
Russo, Giorgio Ivan Russo, Paul Sabnis, Ravindra Sadeghi, Ramin
Sadeghi-Nejad, Hossein Saeb-Parsy, Kasra Sahai, Arun Salami, Simpa
Salmon, Jonathan Salonia, Andrea Sammon, Jesse Sanchez-Salas, Rafael
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