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A big thank you to all our 2014 reviewers

Peer review is a critical part of the publishing process for any major journal and BJUI is no exception. We are fortunate to have a large and dedicated team of expert reviewers who give up their time and energy to help us bring you the best articles in the field.

In 2014, BJUI used 2059 different peer reviewers and we are extremely grateful to them all for their time and expertise.

The reviewers listed below are the most prolific and fastest of our 2014 reviewers and are our “Top Reviewers” for the year.

The full list of reviewers can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom.

Hashim Ahmed Misop Han Ashley Ross
Kamran Ahmed Paul Hegarty Morgan Roupret
Peter Albertsen Jose Karam Paul Russo
Conrad Bishop Nathan Lawrentschuk Majid Shabbir
Matthew Bultitude Stacy Loeb Jay Smith
Ben Challacombe Yair Lotan Mark Soloway
Justin Collins Graeme MacLennan Mark Speakman
Ithaar Derweesh Declan Murphy Houston Thompson
Stephen Freedland Richard Popert Nick Watkin
Giorgio Gandaglia Abhay Rane
Khurshid Guru Amrith Rao



2 replies
  1. Prokar Dasgupta
    Prokar Dasgupta says:

    May I add my personal thanks to this blog of recognition.
    Immensely grateful for your time, energy and friendship.
    The BJUI would not be the same without you.

  2. Matthew Bultitude
    Matthew Bultitude says:

    Amazing really – 2059 different peer reviewers for a single journal! A truly international effort as there aren’t that many urologists in the UK! Shows what a lot of work is involved for clinicians in ensuring quality of the journal and for the office staff to process all the article submissions.

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