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RSM Winter Meeting in Saalbach, Austria

This year the urology section of the RSM held their annual winter meeting in Saalbach, Austria hosted by Tom McNicholas and Rik Bryan.

 1.1Kicking off the meeting was a state of the art lecture by Professor Shahrokh Shariat, Professor of Urology at the Medical University of Vienna who presented a convincing perspective on whether we should really be calling Gleason 3+3 disease “prostate cancer” due to the lack of hallmarks of cancer compared with Gleason four disease, and clinical data suggesting that Gleason 3+3 cancer does not metastasise. Education of patients to ensure compliance of active surveillance is surely key to ensuring that change in disease pattern or small volume higher Gleason grade disease is not missed. Interestingly from Dominic Hodgson’s experience in Portsmouth approximately 50% of patients with Gleason 3+3 disease on TRUS were upgraded to Gleason 3+4 on template biopsy, although these patients who went on to have more extensive biopsies did so due to other concerning parameters. SIN PIN keeps you connected to your loved ones around the world! All New Customers receive $1 FREE to try SIN PIN International Calling Service. Make High Quality International Calls to those who don’t have the SIN PIN App yet. Never go out of touch with the ones you care about most! SIN PIN keeps you connected! You can find here the free International calling app Ft Lauderdale FL.


 The bladder and upper tract cancer session was also a highlight with Rik Bryan presenting data on the use of ‘Oncoscan’ to detect genomic profiles and aberrations in urinary DNA from cell free centrifuged urine. This however was not absolutely specific to bladder tumours as undiagnosed prostate cancer was also detected in one of the tested urine specimens.

The Bladder Path trial being set up by Professor Nick James was also discussed. This trial hopes to investigate the addition of MRI into the haematuria clinic pathway. TURBT in muscle invasive disease does not completely stage tumours and may lead to a delay in definitive treatment. There is no current evidence that debulking of tumour is necessary prior to radical treatment. This randomised controlled trial will review whether MRI as opposed to TURBT could be used for staging in likely muscle invasive tumours with the phase II and phase III aspects looking at time to definitive treatment and time to recurrence or progression.

Professor Karl-Dietrich Sievert from the Universitätsklinik für Urologie und Andrologie, Saltzburg demonstrated how his unit use Diffusion Tensor Imaging MRI to visualise white matter and plan for nerve sparing prostatectomy to preserve post-operative incontinence and erectile function. We also heard how Tim O’Brien has learned many of his lessons in complex renal cancer surgery the hard way, in an inspiring and candid talk.

For the benign urologists there were a plethora of sessions on male and female incontinence as well as male and female ejaculation! Matthew Bultitude and I (RT) debated on medical expulsive therapy for ureteric stones in the wake of the SUSPEND trial. Although the majority of the room seemed convinced of the lack of benefit for small ureteric stones, there appeared to be some doubt created by the regarding larger distal ureteric stones.


We also had a lot of interesting non-urological discussions. From Martin Mansell, Consultant Nephrologist we heard of the change in law since the Montgomery Judgment leading to the necessity for doctors when taking consent to inform patients of any risk no matter the likelihood of the risk occurring if that particular patient would attach significance to that risk. Mark Speakman pointed out that this may mean a change in the BAUS consent forms which many of us use to consent patients. We also heard of new educational tools such as MedShr from Asif Qasim, Consultant Cardiologist, which is an app serving as a platform to discuss complex cases with colleagues from around the world. BAUS President Mark Speakman presented the BJUI Knowledge tool which allows BAUS members to access interactive e-learning modules and log CPD activity.

1.72016 marked the 34th annual winter meeting for the urology section of the RSM and we paid tribute this year to Peter Worth who has been a regular attendee since the beginning. With a fantastic meeting already planned in Lake Tahoe for 2017 to mark the 35th year hosted by Professor Roger Kirby and Matthew Bultitude, I would encourage as many trainees and consultants to attend for both a rigorous transatlantic educational programme as well as a fantastic opportunity to meet new colleagues and, of course ski!

Rebecca Tregunna (ST4, Alexandra Hospital, Redditch (Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) – @rebeccatregunna

Dominic Hodgson (Consultant Urologist, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth) – @hodgson_dominic

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  1. Mark Speakman
    Mark Speakman says:

    The RSM winter meeting is a high quality scientific meeting providing 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). On top of this it lends itself to many more hours of open and honest discussion with colleagues. Attendance was 90-100% for the 20 sessions that took place and there was always time for good audience participation and debate. The fact that it takes place in a very relaxed environment adds to the ability for juniors and seniors alike to learn from each other.

    Tom McNicholas and Rik Bryan should be congratulated on putting together such an excellent programme.
    There were sessions on prostate cancer, bladder cancer and UTUC, andology and female urology and sessions on training, medical technology, health care policy and communication skills. Most were given by the 60 UK urology delegates but there were world class lectures also from the three vising Austrian professors.

    I first went to this meeting in 1989 as a senior registrar and then didn’t attend for the following 20 years. Having been to the last three consecutive annual winter meetings I will certainly be going to next year’s meeting in Lake Tahoe. See you there.

  2. Roger Kirby
    Roger Kirby says:

    Well done Rebecca and Dominic.

    It was a truly educational meeting with really excellent morning and evening sessions and very lively discussion. Professor Nick James, who was with us two years ago, presented his game changing STAMPEDE study, which provides the rationale for us using chemotherapy earlier in the course of metastatic prostate cancer. Another highlight was Tim O’Brien’s state-of-the-art insight into both renal cancer surgery and retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF).

    As Professor Tom McNicholas said, altogether a really great way to accrue 20 PME points, not to mention networking and socialisation opportunities that can be career changing!

    I do hope that you will join Matt Bultitude and me in Northstar, Lake Tahoe, California next year 27th January – 4th February 2017. See you there!

  3. Charles Hudd
    Charles Hudd says:

    Professor McNicholas and I were the only two RSO’s from the Institute of Urology to join the Winter Meeting in the late 80’s. This meeting has gone from strength to strength with the Academic Content added-to by the opportunity to discuss Urological Issues in an Informal Setting during the Non-Academic Sessions and on the Slopes with both National and International Leaders in our Subject!

    Rik and Tom put on an exceptional, if hard work, Academic Programme with an eclectic mix of State of the Art Lectures by Invited Speakers, Leaders in their Field Internationally and in their Home Country our Hosts this year, Austria as well as by our “home grown” Leaders merely adding to and increasing the Academic Content of this Excellent Learning Experience.

    Senior, “Junior”. Urological Surgeons should not miss this opportunity to Learn and Develop.
    This meeting certainly is and was, as a “Junior”, the highlight of my annual learning!

    This year did not disappoint and, from what I hear, next year shall be equally instructive with World Leaders from the USA and Elsewhere speaking.

    Well done and many thanks for an exceptional meeting to Rik, Lisa, Tom and Vicky!

    Charles Hudd

  4. Jeremy Feggetter
    Jeremy Feggetter says:

    I have been a regular attender at these meetings for over 20 years. They provide a view of the cutting edge of Urology tempered by the realistic views of current practice. The lectures and presentations are given in an environment that encourages discussion and where it is possible to betray ones ignorance or even stupidity without being embarrassed. The fact that members are drawn from many centres in both the UK and Abroad allows for variations in clinical practice to be discussed and lessons learnt. There is always time for private discussion and as Medicine is a life long learning experience, this format provides the ideal opportunity for both senior and junior urologists to continue their education. I am sure next years meeting will maintain the high standard set and should not be missed.

  5. Rik Bryan
    Rik Bryan says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments! And it was fun too!

    Now, don’t forget our next meeting, Innovation in Urology, at the RSM on Friday 26th February! Details on the RSM Section of Urology webpage!

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