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The Bengal Urological Society’s Golden Jubilee

We recently celebrated the Bengal urological Society’s Golden jubilee!

Earlier known as the “Calcutta Urology Association”, the society was founded in the year 1963 and is the oldest urological society in India. My guess is that it is probably one of the oldest societies that aimed to establish a separate existence of urology. What’s your take on that?

It was a privilege to have Prof Prokar Dasgupta with us for this event. The demonstration of the robotic surgery by the master himself was exhilarating.


Dr Prokar Dasgupta, receiving the “Award of Excellence”

The feedback from the urological community and especially the residents has been phenomenal. I am sure that the light has been ignited in the minds. We are planning to take concrete steps to help serve our community better.  The idea of a “Reverse Movember” (shaving off our moustaches) for prostate cancer sounds exciting and will be great if I am able to implement it!

Amit Ghose

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