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The Bengal Urological Society’s Golden Jubilee

We recently celebrated the Bengal urological Society’s Golden jubilee!

Earlier known as the “Calcutta Urology Association”, the society was founded in the year 1963 and is the oldest urological society in India. My guess is that it is probably one of the oldest societies that aimed to establish a separate existence of urology. What’s your take on that?

It was a privilege to have Prof Prokar Dasgupta with us for this event. The demonstration of the robotic surgery by the master himself was exhilarating.


Dr Prokar Dasgupta, receiving the “Award of Excellence”

The feedback from the urological community and especially the residents has been phenomenal. I am sure that the light has been ignited in the minds. We are planning to take concrete steps to help serve our community better.  The idea of a “Reverse Movember” (shaving off our moustaches) for prostate cancer sounds exciting and will be great if I am able to implement it!

Amit Ghose

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  1. Prokar Dasgupta
    Prokar Dasgupta says:

    Congratulations on 50 fantastic years! Thank you for teaming up with the BJUI to make this event so successful.
    I remember that on 17 Oct 2008 we did a live transmission of a robotic cystectomy and reconstruction from Guy’s Hospital London to the Bengal Urological Society. My friends Oussama Elhage and Ben Challacombe established a fantastic high speed telelink despite the time delay over thousands of miles. My dad was so proud that he turned up to the workshop in Kolkata just to say Hi to me!
    The poster advertising this event is still hanging on display at Medical College Calcutta five years on. It is so good to be able to give something back.

  2. Prokar Dasgupta
    Prokar Dasgupta says:

    It would be wonderful if the next generation of young urologists in Kolkata and India made themselves heard through a forum like this. The BJUI is your official international journal. You own it as much as anyone else does. That way you truly live up to your motto of “Putting Education First”.

    • Tarun
      Tarun says:

      To assist you during the workshop was a wonderful opportunity and a great learning experience. Your contribution for the development of this zone is immense. The light has been ignited by you and I hope we all are able to carry on the legacy that Kolkata has been known to have in the field of urology.

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