Prostate Health Index density improves detection of clinically significant prostate cancer Abstract Objectives To explore the utility of Prostate Health Index (PHI) density for the[...]
The phenomenon of ‘upgrading’ in early prostate cancer is one of those unusual events that is both useful to us on the one hand and undesirable on the other; useful because the phe[...]
Every Week the Editor-in-Chief selects an Article of the Week from the current issue of BJUI. The abstract is reproduced below and you can click on the button to read the full arti[...]
A test to exclude the presence of aggressive prostate cancer would be highly desirable. In the article by Wysock et al. [1], the authors examine pathological results in 75 men who [...]
The prostate cancer pathway is controversial and views are often polarized. For a researcher, this is the perfect melting pot for innovation and practice-changing studies. It is cl[...]
This image shows an MRI scan of the penis in a man presenting with a penile mass, taken from Hanchanale et al, BJUI 2016[...]