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What’s the Diagnosis?


This is an incidental finding on a CT scan.

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SUSPEND Trial Poll Results

SUSPEND Trial Poll Results


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AML Poll Results

Following on from the recent #urojc discussion, it is clear opinions on managing AML’s vary widely. You are referred a fit and well 40 year old with incidental solitary 4cm AML. What is your treatment of choice?


AML Poll Results













Guideline of Guidelines Poll Results

The recently published ‘guideline of guidelines’ attempts to bring together conflicting guidance from different authorities. But overall how often do you refer to AUA, EAU or other national urological guidelines in clinical practice?

At least weekly – 23%

At least once a month – 27%

Every 2-3 months – 15%

Less than 3 monthly – 23%

Never – 12 %


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