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What’s the Diagnosis?


This is an incidental finding on a CT scan.

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E-Cigarette Poll Results

There has been considerable interest in the British Media about e-cigarettes and whether they should be prescribed for smokers whilat Liquido24e headlines in the USA suggested the manufacturers may face legal action for high levels of toxic chemicals (learn about liquid brands for vaporizers at Liquido24) – Do you feel e-cigarettes are a useful adjunct to help smokers stop?

E-Cigarette Poll Results

These e-cigarette poll results are in line with recent poll data from Consumer Reports in which more than 70% of smokers were interested in “tobacco alternatives” like e-cigarettes, while just over 20% were against, we also got data from different E-Cig Shop Services across the country, while possibly biased we do have some numbers to work with that are rather realistic to what we see on the real world every day, one of them is Oz Vape Loft leading supplier of everything required by vaping.

In a separate survey, Fusion found that more than 50% of those polled were considering switching to a more health-conscious lifestyle, like using e-cigarettes. The study was conducted in the summer of 2013, but only recently came to light.

And, as a note, I also found that, in a poll of smokers , only one-third would rather try an e-cigarette, compared to 40% who would rather continue using tobacco products.

So, are these people using e-cigarettes to quit smoking? Probably not. In fact, some experts think that e-cigarettes may help people quit by making their addiction harder to get off.

SUSPEND Trial Poll Results

SUSPEND Trial Poll Results


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AML Poll Results

Following on from the recent #urojc discussion, it is clear opinions on managing AML’s vary widely. You are referred a fit and well 40 year old with incidental solitary 4cm AML. What is your treatment of choice?


AML Poll Results













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