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Does the robot have a role in radical cystectomy Dennis R. Taaffe*†‡, Daniel A. Galvão*†, Nigel Spry*§¶, David Joseph*¶**, Suzanne K. Chambers*††‡‡§§, Robert A. Gardiner*¶¶***, Dic[...]
 Immediate versus delayed exercise in men initiating androgen deprivation: effects on bone density and soft tissue composition Dennis R. Taaffe*†‡, Daniel A. Galvão*†, Nigel Spry*[...]
 Management of patients with advanced prostate cancer in the Asia Pacific region: ‘real‐world’ consideration of results from the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2017[...]
Urinary, bowel and sexual health in older men from Northern Ireland David W. Donnelly*, Conan Donnelly†, Therese Kearney*, David Weller‡, Linda Sharp§, Amy Downing¶, Sarah Wilding¶[...]