What's the diagnosis this week?[...]
Following on from last week what's the diagnosis this week[...]
This image is taken from Malde et al, BJUI 2017.    [...]
          Credit: Hannah Warren   A 61 year old gentleman was brought to a major trauma centre by ambulance after falling down a flight of stairs. On [...]
        Thanks to Raj Nair    [...]
Images taken from Harper et al, BJUI 2017    [...]
Credit Andrew Vicens-Morton This man with Peyronie’s disease underwent a lateral Lue procedure with a circumcision and a plication for the dorsal component of his curvature. 3 week[...]
These images are taken from Hadjipavlou et al, BJUI 2018.    [...]
Patient consent given. Thanks to Mr Sahai and Mr Malde.  [...]