Images from Porpiglia et al. (BJUI 2019)  [...]
These images from Fraisse et al (BJUI 2019) who compare outcomes of treating T1 renal tumours with partial nephrectomy and percutaneous cryoablation show post treatment at 1 day an[...]
Images from Kaouk et al. (BJUI 2019)  [...]
These images are taken from Porpiglia et al (BJUI 2019)  [...]
This image is taken from Dhawiwal et al (BJUI 2019). It schematically shows mechanism of action for immunotherapy for urothelial carcinoma.  [...]
These images are taken from Ko et al, (BJUI 2018) who report on interstitial cystitis  [...]
This man presented with a raised PSA and underwent an MRI scan  [...]
This gentleman presented with right loin pain and haematuria  [...]