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Will you bury your Bentley for pleasures in your ‘after life’?

Last year in September, a Brazilian multi-millionaire Count Scarpa, announced to his followers on Facebook that he would bury his most favorite car, a black Flying Spur Bentley costing half a million Dollars, in his backyard! He expressed his intention to be buried next to the Bentley when he died. He explained that this desire […]

Mind Your Language Please!

Recently I came across a clinic letter that had the patient’s problem typed as “Balanitis EROTICA obliterans”. Reading the typo error and sharing it with the nursing staff instantly converted a serious clinic into one where everyone started to recall their funny typo encounters. Having come across similar typos in the past, I thought about sharing […]

A benedictory ode to urological live surgery

This blog was originally published as a comment article in BJU International, 112: 11–12. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2012.11780.x   With the explosion and expansion of information technology, instantaneous dissemination of medical knowledge across the globe is a reality and here to stay. Performing live surgery to an audience, whether to the medical community or to the general […]

Who let the Dogs Out?

Or Let’s Paws for a Second! Or Lets paws for a second before we all start howling about nothing!   Recently while driving to a Day Surgery list at Heatherwood hospital in Ascot, I happened to listen to BBC Radio 4. There was a report regarding high accuracy for the detection of stomach cancer by […]

Does Michelangelo’s David have an increased risk of prostate cancer?

Recently when researching on the Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo and his suffering with kidney stones, I stumbled upon a project on his famous masterpiece David. At the precise time, I was browsing BJUI and came across the article by Motofei et al, on the sexual side effects of finasteride as related to hand preference (right-handed or […]

Error Training: An emerging teaching tool not to be ignored!

“To err is human, to cover up is unforgivable, to fail to learn is inexcusable” Sir Liam Donaldson, Former Chief Medical Officer As a specialist registrar, I recall operating on a large renal tumour along with my mentor Omer Karim (who is now my colleague). As the mobilization was difficult due to neovascularization, he took […]

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