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Publons – Now Part Of Your Verifiable Online Digital Curriculum Vitae

Last year I introduced Publons via a BJUI Blog . It is pleasing that Wiley, the publishers of the BJUI, have now partnered with Publons to make digital archiving and verification of reviewer (and editorial) work easily accessible with a mouse click once a review is completed. So, what is Publons again? Perhaps a brief reminder:  […]

Editorial: Is choline-based PET imaging still relevant in recurrent prostate cancer?

The search for the ideal imaging method to detect small metastatic deposits has largely remained elusive in the field of prostate cancer. However, functional positron emission tomography (PET)/CT is now guiding us in different directions. 11C-acetate PET/CT imaging was one of the first molecular imaging probes showing promise in clinical studies, along with 11C-choline, and more recently […]

Publons: Giving Credit For Peer Review

Peer reviewing of journal articles may be one of the most unheralded and feel at times as the least rewarded of continuing medical activities we do. People give time, expertise and judgement to make articles of a higher scientific standard and are crucial to the nature of medical publishing. As an Associate Editor of the […]

Radiation within urology: challenges and triumphs

As gatekeepers urologists remain at the frontline of urological oncology in a position of trust that they have held since Charles Huggins, Nobel Laureate in Urology, pioneered the use of hormone manipulation to treat prostate cancer. However, radiation within urology is an important adjunctive, palliative and even primary treatment method for many urological malignancies. However, […]

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